My name is Thomas and this is my own personal website. (How cool) (Wow) (Look)
This page is dedicated to all the wicked pictures I take, and here is my other website.

Samogon How Cool!

I like chicken nuggets and the meat sweats

yummay yummay in MY timmy!

Smelly bananas are another highlight of the day.

And here is my computer! It is very heavy!

A list of my favourite things:

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • By eating too many chicken nuggets, one can get the "meat sweats"

    To learn more about me, reread the above info (He he, get the joke?)

    Do you like waffles? YEAH We lIKe le waffle VAFLIAI LABAI SKANU


    The Screaming Child (And Psychology of the modern age) D.G Wodehouse - 1973

    The Cat Sat on the Mat